Stasis is a freeform post-experimental sound and film collective, drawn together by the chemistry of the random. Voice and moving image live looped theremin, clarinet, guitar, waterphone, accordion, broadcast, mouth and an ever-growing vocabulary of sourced instruments. Against the beat, somewhere in the desert Ennio Morricone is turning the dial on an old valve radio set, running through the stations he eventually comes across something he likes....... From beyond the border Tim Leary is transmitting his late night sub frequency show.

Sonorant Red (Intimidation)
Sound and video sculptural installation
A new piece specifically for tweet me up event

Stasis73's proposal is of an immersive live sound installation consisting of drones and sonic explorations, utilizing electro-acoustic manipulated pure noise, voice, text, whisperings, field recordings & darkness, creating an atmosphere that is simultaneously oppressive, uplifting, nostalgic and intriguing.

With the use of refracted collected filmed & found images, projected & refilmed, creating a multi-layered textural imagery, complementary to the sound layers: spoken & text sound, found object sounds, acoustic sounds, acoustic sound exploration & processed acoustic sounds, decay, and extended drones.

Its purpose is to prevent discrimination and intolerant attitude towards people who live unconventional lives or adopt unconventional behavior.

The overarching theme for will be the analysis and investigation of the transference of culture. Focusing on subcultures/ counterculture, the unrepresented and their relationship or influence on dominant cultural icons.


Sonorant red....