c sides

Green Bank, New Jersey, USA

The work
Cracked Angels was created on the early morning of Easter 2012, in a basement in Sweetwater, NJ, after an intimate ultraviolet party. The song touches on the impermanence of blissful living. That party was one of the last times I got to have fun with two of my life long friends--they were killed in a car accident the following month. Enjoy the life you live in the present tense. We can only have fun for so long!

Artist's biograpby
Paul Stephen Cyr (c sides) lives in a rural New Jersey Pine Barrens ghost town where he makes his music in the company of tall pines. Studying different disciplines via his honed technique of satellite-driven URL shamanism, Paul combines guitar, didgeridoo, drums, found sounds and local animal noises through various effects, transforming their frequencies into wholly new resonances. These sounds are captured for further manipulation in a digital domain.

Paul runs the WildEchosystems music blog, sharing and exploring the wildest sounds and states of synth-based music with a global audience of electronic music afficianados. The new WildEchosystems Tape Club is an extension of this. It features handmade, one-of-a-kind soundtracks to fictional environments which are mailed out to an audience and traded globally. As a DJ, he bridges the gap between the beauty and the bomb, soundtracking neon nervous systems while pluming the depths of aural experience.


Cracked Angels