The Stupids

London UK

The work
Hate Hate appears on the recent album "The Kids Dont Like it" released on Boss Tuneage and Waterslide records in Japan.

Artist's biography
Tired of the blazing spotlight of fame, The Stupids imploded sometime in 1989 founding member Marty having been kicked out for failing to show up to a gig. Tommy ended up cleaning windows in Pomona until in 2007 when Marty had a crisis and realised he had been wasting his time as nude model and began to hound Tommy to get together and play some punk rock again. After a few months of persistence it indeed happened and the chemistry was so good that Aston & Julie at Boss Tuneage felt the "vibes" all the way from their Bedford mansion, they simply had to be involved. A record advance of #1 was duly paid and The Stupids entered a very famous and expensive recording studio to begin recording what was their 45th album, entitled "The Kids Don't Like It". It was so good that Boss Tuneage, having paid for it decided it was good enough to release.

The question is - Why indeed did The Stupids return after years and years of no interest whatsoever?

The fact that no one has made any real attempts to stop them has encouraged The Stupids to hit the road once again and so far have already managed to smash the shit out of audiences across the UK. Full tour support is expected across the UK, Europe and Japan over 2009 / 2010/ 2011/ 2012 and beyond. You have been warned...


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