Roxane Fréché


The work
Video "evil dream" realized by Gilles Labarbe is the first single from the album "Misters and Misses" composed and produced by the young Belgian artist Roxane Fréché. The album cover was taken from this clip and created by the renowned typographer Denis Meyers, whose work can be discovered on the screen! The music was recorded at Noise Factory Studio by the sound engineer Gerald Jans!

Artist's biography
Roxane Fréché is a Belgian songwriter, singer, actress, writer and producer, born in Namur Nov. 16, 1981. Self-taught musician Roxane bought her first guitar at the age of 24 and her piano a year later. Since she compose. In 2009 after composing the song "Misters and Misses" with her computer and her piano, Roxane decided to make her own album. Release scheduled for 2012.


Gérald Jans

Denis Meyers

Gilles Labarbe

Evil dream