Rachel Horne

Doncaster, UK

The work
Projects submitted relate to past body of work relating to my identity as a 1984 miners' Strike baby and a recent project developed for Gyspy, Roma, Traveler History Month called "Just Like You" aimed at portraying the true lives of Gypsies and Travellers in Doncaster.

My artwork is about connective aesthetics and combines, drawing, painting, photography, video and radio I am an artist, activist and curator based in Doncaster in the the North of England.

Artists' biography
I was born during the 1984 miners' strike in a mining village near Doncaster in south Yorkshire, I studied art and the Creative school of Art, moved to London in 2003 studying Fine Art at Middlesex University. In 2006 I was awarded a grant from the Arts Council England for my memorial event "Out of Darkness Light" and "Pin the Pits". Honoring the history of my community and family which suffered after the industrial pit closure program of the 1980s-1990s.

Pin the Pits campaigned for Ordinances Survey to mark former colliery sites as historical landmarks. For the younger generation, there are few tributes to our industrial heritage or how the lack of unemployment has contributed to so many social and economic issues.

At the Novas Gallery in Camden during 2006-2008 I worked on a variety of different social political projects including, Sex Industry, Woman in Prison, LGBT, mental health and drug addiction. My most recent collaboration "Just Like You" has explored Gypsy Cultural in Doncaster including photographic and audio interviews from Gypsy and Travelers living in Doncaster.

Based in Doncaster I work closely with local artists and students to raise the profile and esteem artist living and working in Doncaster. I am interested in regionalism and the creativity of local people also from working class backgrounds.

Recently I have been involved a #2.5million investment award for Art and Culture in Doncaster in relation Arts Council Award Creative People Creative Places.

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