The Multi-Purpose Solution

New York City area, USA

The work
Shot live from the crowd in one take in late 2011, Phil Ritz captures the live energy of the MPS on stage at Maxwell's in Hoboken--one of New Jersey's most celebrated venues for independent and burgeoning bands. "It's a good good thing I noticed you, in those reflective sneakers I like. I could've run right into you. You could've died. You could've died! Light got into a fight. Light got locked out all night. What's the password, kid? You still don't get it", go the lyrics.

Artists biography
The Multi-Purpose Solution is Jim Teacher (vox), Daniel Prochilo (guitar), Stephen Mejias (guitar), Alan ten-Hoeve (bass), and David Caldwell (drums). Formed in Clifton, NJ, in 1999, the band is currently scattered about parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Of their most recent album, 2005's "How Can A Man Be Tougher Than The World," Star Ledger music critic, Tris McCall, wrote: "At once spontaneous-sounding and as meticulously mapped out as a math-rock set, "Tougher" is the work of true originals -- pub crawlers burdened by obsessions and prone to blinding flashes of clarity."

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Video by Phil Ritz
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Phil Ritz Biography
Phil Ritz lives and works in New York City, enforcing regulations for The Environmental Protection Agency. In his spare time he is involved with coordinating events connecting pop culture to the science of climate change. Through photography, he shares the view of the landscape and city, as reduced to form and shape while also providing a second look at the world that has been created around us. While there is a sentiment of appreciation of the past, there is also a feeling that what is doesn't always necessarily need be; other worlds are possible. Phil recently graduated with a masters of Public Administration (International Economic Policy) from Columbia University.

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