Max Reeves

East London, UK

The work
My on-going London project which has various names, is an attempt to blend various photographic styles to make a mytho/psycho/symbolic visual poem. Some of the inspiration comes from Pound's cantos. A sort of magpie stealing hotchpotch united by an overall theme. Crows to me are a metaphor of the anarchistic impulse, the rejection of authoritarianism, the dream of Freedom Crow is a symbol of transcendence . They populate the city as near phantoms, always there but often overlooked. William Blake found himself at the head of the Mob during the the Gordon Riots of June 1780. Rioters daubed the slogan "His Majesty King Mob"' on the walls of hated Newgate prison, after gutting the building and freeing the inmates. King Mob is a London character.

Artist's biography
I was born in Papakura, New Zealand in 1966. I moved to London in 1990. I am a self taught and marginal photographer/artist. My work reflects his position on the peripheries of the mainstream focusing on themes of freedom, control and individuality in society.

I was/am the 'official' photographer for the maverick humanitarian group 'The Serious Road Trip' and have been with them in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Palestine etc. In 2001 I co-made a documentary about a circus in Kosovo.

I am one of the Bedlam (Royal Bethlem Mental Hospital) artists and exhibit regularly with them. I've had solo shows in London, Auckland, Berlin, Sarajevo, Mostar, Yekaterinburg, Orleans, Paris, Dublin and Helsinki and have been in many group shows.

I also make the zine 'Papakura Post Office'.

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