Kirsty Hawkshaw

Chesham, Bucks, UK

Artist's biography
From 6 years ago KFH Pooraka aka Kirsty Hawkshaw has been living part time in the virtual world Second Life. She is a donation-based artist in this world and builds interactive installations with scripts, music and photos for her fans to enjoy. When visitors come to her land they can wander around and interact with the installations. KFH recently built a room with floating kinetic rotating singing balls and received much acclaim from her visitors who donated to the scripted linden dollar boxes left around .

The work
This short film is one of Kirsty's first attempts at a Machinima movie. She has a vision to eventually use SL to make a virtual musical using all her favourite musicians, and her own music including Mark Pritchard from Harmonic 313 who makes an appearance in this film with the track Falling Away featuring Steve Spacek.