Jonathan Brooks

London, UK

Short film starting John (Eggsy) Rutledge, Mark Davison & Charlotte Hunter.

Profile of Treble Six Records producer Damon Lewis.

Satanic message producers have several key responsibilities and working closely with talent is one of the most important. In this video Damon is visited by the head of Treble Six and lord of darkness, Satan.

After a winter spent indoors at Pilton Farm (site of the Glastonbury Festival) Lola the cow is released with the rest of the herd to enjoy the summer pastures.

Since 2010 WSPA have lobbied against mega-dairies proposals across the UK through the Not in My Cuppa campaign. These mega-dairies would house large numbers of cows indoors with limited or no access to the outside, or ability to express their natural behaviour.

For more information visit wspa - notinmycuppa

Credits: Jonathan Brooks, Beagle Media & Roost.

Artist's biography
Jonathan Brooks is a highly experienced self-shooting producer/director & editor having worked in broadcasting for over ten years.

With a background training in visual arts and media studies at Swansea Institute Jonathan had a brief success as a video artist exhibiting in festivals and galleries around Europe before working as co-writer and shooting AP on a comedy programme for Channel 4 Wales. After being commissioned to produce animated work for the Sci-Fi Channel he moved to London was employed as a graphic designer for the production company Banana Split making title sequences, pack shots and animated interstitials.

After a year in graphic design Jonathan moved over to production, writing and producing the movie review and celebrity gossip shows Celebrity Extra and The Fix for Sky Living. Now working as a freelance P/D he worked with a number of broadcasters including the BBC and Sky TV.

In 2008 Jonathan was employed as a producer/editor at the London branch of a US broadcaster where he was quickly promoted to head of promos and on-air. He also produced and directed an hour long documentary on drug science and policy for the channel called Howard Marks on Drugs. The film became one of the highest rated shows on the channel and received a pick of the day in The Sunday Times.

Since this Jonathan, as part of the creative group CHIPS, has garnered a number of short film awards and prizes. These include a nomination in the prestigious Virgin Media Shorts Awards 2011 and both People's Choice and Judges Commendation awards in the last two Reed Short Film Awards. The success in the Reed awards led to CHIPS being commissioned to develop and produce a highly successful national TV campaign for the brand.

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