Francisco Laborde (LALILULELO)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Artist's biography
Born June 12th, 1978. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Experimental musician, digital media artist, playboy man-baby. Growing up consisted of record digging on my weekends as a teen, and collecting sound in any format became a hobby when I was young. I consumed media at an alarming rate and capacity as years progressed. Present-day technology allows me to craft and manipulate. I function only on pirated software and existing media to be my palate. Under the tutelage of people actually stupid enough to pay for expensive audio and video software, I harness my creative process. What I create is a regurgitation of my experience thus far on this earth--a textural chowder of aural manscapes.

The work
This piece was developed for live sets to be performed at left-field underground electronic music parties in Philadelphia and later cut to the Russian horror film Viy as a homage to the macabre.