Erin Plank

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States

The work
What you see here is an artistic visualization of what comes from within my heart, mind, body and soul, that is breathed out and released into the world for its own unique interpretation.

Artist's biography
I live in a small corner of the world. My love for photography has grown over the years and I have only become more passionate and devoted to making it come alive. I see it as a form of art, and not just settings and technicalities. I have a huge imagination, and a love for nature, having grown up in a rural area of Pennsylvania.

Although I love non-digital fine arts, Photoshop has been where I've found most of my creativity blossoming within the past several years. Traveling the world is something I love to do, and I have captured many different places to date including Pennsylvania, Ireland, California, and the mid-west United States. You can see several of these places in my photographs, but I have also worked hard on an almost-year-long self-portrait project where I was taking and editing a different picture of myself every single day, for 303 days. This is where I really delved into photo manipulation. It's no secret that it is very difficult to take pictures of yourself, especially for almost a year, while holding a full-time job in something completely different. I ended the project a bit early because I felt like I learned what I needed to from it, and I'd like to spend more time than just a day on my photo art.

There is always something more to learn about photography and art, and I embrace the chance to learn from, help, and interact with others, artists and non-artists alike. To all my future friends and artists across the globe, if you like what you see, please feel free to connect with me on my listed social network; I look forward to meeting you!

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