Empress Stah

Hackney, London, UK

The work
Empress Stah is on a Pilgrimage to the Stars! In 2011 she created an online 'Crowd Funding' campaign to pay for a Zero Gravity research flight in the USA.

'A Platform for Change' & 'Save Empress Stah from a Life of Vice' are videos that were produced as part of this viral marketing campaign, 'Wish Upon A Star' is a Hologram and 3D animation, aerial performance, that was inspired by her weightless experience, and 'Empress Stah in Zero Gravity' is actual footage of her floating around inside the aircraft.

Artist's biography
Empress Stah is an internationally renowned performing artist, working at the intersection of Arts, Culture and Humanities in Space Exploration. The SPILL Festival of Performance has commissioned her upcoming show 'Empress Stah in Space', which will premier on the 2nd & 3rd November 2012.

Hailing from the underground cabaret circuit, where she is an iconic figure, Empress Stah delivers genre-defying performances that fuse sublime aerial artistry with provocative and thought provoking acts. Instinctual and impeccably styled, her work is both challenging and camp, and has headlined events from Moscow to Tokyo, New York to Sydney and London.

Empress Stah is best known for her cabaret extravaganza 'The Very Best of Empress Stah' and her Jerwood Award winning, signature act, 'Swinging from the Chandelier'.