Charlotte Kleban

Manchester, UK

The artist and the work
I am an MMU Textiles student from Ashton-Under-Lyne going into my final year, and I specialise in digital print. I like my work to look textural but to be made using Illustrator/Photoshop. My work is often very mixed media based even though I'm a print student, as I like my work to have depth and character father than looking two dimensional. I like to push the boundaries and create something out of the ordinary. I'm still learning and experimenting, and I love that my course is very much drawing based. I also like to sew as I'm very interested in fashion as I studied textiles in college and made garments. My favourite designer is Vivienne Westwood, as I love her no nonsense attitude and individual style and the way her singature is instantly recognised. For my final year project and dissertation I've chosen to look at how music influences fashion, so my ideas for the exhibition could link in with this. A huge passion of mine is music, and I used some of my favourite lyrics to create some samples for a past uni project of scarf designs which I have attached. The project I've added pictures of was self-directed and I chose to look at shoes, and chose lyrics involving running/shoes etc. I'd very much like the chance to explore this area in more depth and possibly on a larger scale or by combining drawn elements, as I can't even begin to explain how much music has helped me and changed my life, as I too love to sing myself. In my spare time on of my hobbies is going to concerts and my favourite artists are Jessie J, P!nk and Emeli Sande as their lyrics really inspire me.