Art is Useless and Today is Boring

Daniele Jimmy Henderson : Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Dickon Bevan : Berlin, Germany
Myles Hayden : London, United Kingdom
Adam Carr : London, United Kingdom
Tree Carr : London, United Kingdom
Marion Guame : Paris, France

The Work
In the summer of 2009, a group of filmmakers travelled through Romania performing clown theatre to various Gypsy communities: the country's largest minority and historically Europe's most excluded ethnic group. Using this medium as a means to reach the reality behind a culture which has evoked such strong stereotypes throughout Europe, the film discovered many different personal stories and experiences, and above all a strong sense of a fiercely proud culture whose highest virtue is dignity.

The Artists In November of 2008, Jimmy and Dickon had an idea to make a film about the Romani people in Romania. Their idea was to create a film to help increase awareness of the realities of these peoples' lives, and to spread their voices beyond the borders of Romania itself. A proposal to the British Arts Council was drafted, in order to secure funding, which was accepted, and the wheels were put into motion, with Marion and Myles then joining the project shortly thereafter. On 3 June 2009, the group started their journey to Romania, collecting a camper van in Macedonia and driving for over 18 hours to their destination. Starting at Bucharest the group travelled through Romania performing clown theatre to various different Romani communities, some who had never had contact with outsiders. They shot footage on aSony HVR A1, a camera chosen for its small size in order to avoid seeming intimidating or intrusive. A total of over 19 hours of footage was filmed initially, and the film was edited at TODAY IS BORING studios in London within six months.

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