Alka and Santiago Morilla

Alka: Woodbury, New Jersey, United States
Santiago Morilla: Madrid, Spain

Music by Alka
Video by Santiago Morilla

Works Statements

My site-specific artworks and interventions are born from my firm decision to integrate them not only into the local environment but also into the global cartography, as a warning to navigators or as an "emotional pointers". I try to draw journeys that are different to the old hackneyed ones, inventing maps or adjusting the ones we already have. My goal is to reveal a context riddled with references, with a high level of conceptual penetration, that leave the meaning open but also condense narratives and metaphors that reveal a worrying background.

Chalk drawing on the pitch
130 yards (120m) x 100 yards (90m)
Overhead artwork at Montopoli, Art in Sabina, Italy.
Music by Alka.

"It is a game of football, a friendly match between mixed teams of artists, organizers and inhabitants. The game took place on Montopoli's sports ground in the afternoon of the 19th of May 2010. For this date, the artist had created a chalk drawing on the pitch that would be visible only from above. In fact, the match, and the drawing's subsequent rubbing out, had been recorded from above"

2012 Charcoal on canvas
40 square meters approximately
Music by Alka.

"This was the view from the window of my studio in Rome for a year. The last week of my residence there I wanted to embrace and exorcise the view with a drawing, but landscape always wins...".

Santiago Morilla Biography

Santiago Morilla (Madrid, 1973) graduated in Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense (Madrid) , specialized in "Media Lab" at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland).

Has won important awards and scholarships as the Fine Arts Scholarship at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Gyeonggi Creation Center Grant & Exchange Program Artist Residence 2011 in Seul, South Korea.

In 2010 he had several solo exhibitions and also public interventions, including MACRO The International Art Fair "The Road to Contemporary Art" (Rome); "The limits of landscape" solo exhibition at Galeria Jose Robles (Madrid); his site-specific intervention "Nidi" at the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere (Rome); and the outdoors project "The Garden of the Good Happiness, in The White Night in Madrid.

In 2011, "Palazzo Collicola" Museum of Contemporary Art of Spoleto (Italy) has recently acquired his mural piece "The renewal mold" and the city of Palma de Mallorca commissioned Santiago to produce his large scale site-specific mural artwork "sobrasada extrema" in it's medieval city center.

He has recently opened his largest solo exhibition to date "Ornament and Detonation" at the ABC Museum of Drawing and illustration, Madrid.

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Alka Biography
Alka translates frequencies into moods. A blending (and bending) of electronic styles, his output has been variously described over the years as IDM, Ambient, Occultronica, and Witch-Glitch. Alka's production process is akin to an alchemical experiment, directly and indirectly incorporating esoteric practices adapted for musical creation. The result is simultaneously vast enough for wide open spaces and/or condensed urban settings. It is the place where lucidity and obscurity meet.

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